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Life isn’t carved in stone and thus it would move forward with or without you. Destruction and disputes though harm a person beyond repair, but clinging on to the past would let life pass you by. Even in the darkest hour, rekindling the smallest bit of hope would eventually help one emerge as a winner. HOPE begins in darkness and if you dare to try again the dawn will arrive promising a worthier and better future. Life is like a piano with both dark and white keys, but only when played together they produce pleasing and soothing music. Adjust your sails according to the wind, grab opportunities as they come, and discover the best in you.

With this spirit Vivek high brings the 4th edition of the MUN which will lay emphasis on effective and close loop communication along with the aim of providing you with the essence of perseverance and a never give up attitude despite all odds.                                                                                                                                                                          UN_logo

The MUN is commonly coded as the Model version of the United Nations’ Organization.  Based on the basic parameters of student’s efficient Public Speaking skills,  it envisions to incorporate the interest of the participants in the current and civic affairs and deep insight about Multilateral Democracy. Just like the actual institution of the UN,  the Model UN gives the participants an opportunity to take part in various wings of the organisation as delegates,  who later indulge in debates and discussions to reach a common consensus : Peace and Harmony among the world.

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