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dsc_0079-1Peace under an illusion is not true peace. It’s only meaningful if the world manages to accomplish it.’

We live in a world where peace is an illusion and conflict seems to be the only reality. Day after day we read about some act of terrorism or financial fraud, and also read about the action that will be taken against them. The issues here being that our leaders, as inspirational or as competent as they might be are bound by red tape, forced to abide to the wishes of those with true power and have to restrict their actions and words to ensure the success of the next election. For all the power they seem to have, for all the meetings and conferences they attend, for all the treaties signed, our leaders accomplish a lot, but on paper only. The architects of the world have to take a crash course in reality and educate the public too so that the development of society as a whole is more beneficial than demanding rights or privileges to be given to a certain community.

This is where the concept of Model United Nations comes in. It’s a debating platform which gives the youth the opportunity to learn and analyse world politics and allows them to devise solutions to real world problems. Every single resolution passed by a committee is sent to the United Nations with the hope that the four day efforts of 16-year-olds of creating a resolution would have the opportunity to match up to the 4 years of work done by 60-year-olds.

MUN is an activity which has played a major role in the development of my personality. It transformed me from a shy class 9 backbencher into a class 12 student who expresses his views freely, without any hesitation. I hope VHS MUN 2016 will play a similar role in the lives of our delegates and help them escape from their cocoons and blossom into the butterflies they truly are.

Angad Chahal
Director General, VHSMUN 2016

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