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dsc_0086-2“Look at the shoes

you’re filling

Look at the blood we’re filling
Look at the world we’re killing
The way we’ve always done before”

As informal as the quote from ‘Guns & Roses’ may seem, all of us can agree that they weren’t wrong in outlining the situation of the world during that time, which unfortunately stands true even today. Little has changed since, and in a time when people are doing things the way they have always done before, what we need is a platform to bring the creative and potential minds of young people with a will to make a difference, together. VHSMUN is one such platform for enthusiastic young leaders to come together to bring about a change and focus on issues that matter, not just as the future leaders of the world, but more importantly as young leaders of today.

From its first edition to its fourth, VHSMUN has evolved into a huge forum that gives young leaders an opportunity to discuss, analyze and solve some of the world’s most difficult and concerning issues. Just as Maira Kalman writes in her book ‘The Principles of Uncertainty’,“If something does go wrong, here’s my advice, keep calm and carry on.”

The theme of this edition of VHSMUN – “Life Goes On” does not focus on accepting the world as it is but rather realizing the significance of never giving up as even if something does go wrong today, you have tomorrow to put it right. This opportunity to put wrong things right is what VHSMUN 2016 offers you.

As the Secretary General of VHSMUN 2016, I can assure you not only of the academic value of the conference but the Vivek family promises that the social events planned for you will certainly bring smiles on the faces of even the most demanding participants.

Jaideep Singh Lalli
Secretary General, VHSMUN 2016

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